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At NSEC, we practice Believer's Baptism. As you look in the Bible at Acts ch 8:36-39, and Acts 16:11-15 and 25-34, we see that people always came to faith first, then got baptised as a public profession of the faith.


Sometimes, if the weather is cold, we borrow another church building to baptise people in, but we prefer to use the Cullercoats Bay if we can! In September 2012, Jay and Terri Leake got baptised. They came to faith nearly a year ago, and have a wonderful testimony of how God has been working in their lives, drawing them to Him.

We had a marvellous day, with a great turn out from their friends and family, as well as the church family. The weather was beautiful, so we started the event with a picnic on the sands, followed by a short service, a couple of hymns, Jay and Terri's testimonies, and concluding with the baptisms.

It was a wonderful day, and we are grateful to the Lord for all His blessings.

There are photos of the baptism in the Photo Gallery

Jay's Baptism Testimony

I was brought up in non-Christian home even though I was christened at the age of 6 months, nothing more was done to follow the gospel. I did go to Sunday school once aged about 7, but for me that was one too many.

My dad taught me from an early age you don't get anything for nothing, work hard and look after number one, so from the age of 18 I did just that: I worked very hard but also partied hard. I opened a shop but also became a head Bouncer at a big nightclub. Being a bouncer got me respect and a reputation but this also got me into a lot of trouble. For 20 years this was the norm!


If there was trouble I was there. I was living the dream with money, alcohol, two jobs and running my own shop, so things couldn't get any better. But in 2006 I lost everything, I met my gorgeous wife to be Terri, and I knew then things had to change.

But January last year was the lowest point in my life. I started suffering from depression and agoraphobia. I couldn't even get on a bus, which is strange since my job is a bus driver, I felt worthless, and thought my family were better off without me.

On the cliffs not so far from here in February of last year was the lowest point for me. I didn't want to go on with my life, but as I stood upon the cliffs a load of questions came to me about religion and faith, I had no clue of what this meant.

After a couple of weeks I spoke to Terri about this, asking loads of questions about religion as I thought she might know the answers, but sadly she could not, so I asked her is she could get me a bible, I don't know why, I just knew I needed one.

Terri went everywhere ,shop after shop without any success. But then Terri found Lynne Johnson working at a local charity shop who said that she could get me a bible as her husband was a pastor at a church nearby.

What a coincidence that was... or was it? I now know that this was meant to be.

I started reading the bible but still had many questions, I didn't know what to do or who to ask, so a couple of weeks later myself and Terri went to this local church, this was very difficult for me, as I was still suffering from agoraphobia were I found it difficult to be near people and crowds.

But with amazement I walked into the church full of people with no fear, I couldn't believe how I felt, and even Terri was shocked.

After listening to a sermon from Rev Aaron Johnson I knew then that this was what I had been searching for. I still had many questions but after a couple of months with Aaron and Lynne's help and with the Christianity Explored course, I had found the answer. Jesus died for me and my sins.

I know I'm not perfect and will still make mistakes but I know that 'God loves me', and through his grace, God will forgive all my sins because of what Jesus Christ his Son has done for me.

Today I will fulfil the command of Jesus by being submerged into water to identify myself with the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

My baptism today testifies that I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ who died not just for my sins but for all our sins.

And this is my commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Terri's Baptism Testimony

I was brought up believing there was a God and knowing about Jesus. I would even occasionally read the bible and pray usually like most people when things in my life weren't going so well which was quite often. Because of this I believed myself to be a Christian or "religious"... I truly believed that, that is all you needed to do to be a Christian and in the eyes of God I was doing ok by Him. Unfortunately my lifestyle was not reflecting the kind of Christian life that God would like us all to lead... I was promiscuous, I swore, I drank and I was selfish to the point where sometimes I didn't care who got hurt, even my friends and family. I would blame God for all the bad things that were happening to me but thought it was ok because isn't that what God is for? I will let you answer that question for yourselves.


Then everything changed last year. My husband Jay became ill and began asking me lots of questions about God and Jesus and the bible because he thought I would know. I tried as best I could to answer them but realised I didn't know anything really. Jay then asked me for a bible (this coming from a man who had shown no interest in God or the bible before), so in my lunch hour I scoured all the charity shops in North Shields for one. The last one I tried led me to Lynne who very kindly offered to get me one, as her husband was a church pastor. This in turn led me and Jay to walking into North Shields Evangelical Church a few weeks later. To be honest I was terrified I began to think more and more about all the terrible things I had done in the past and felt a "fake" for sitting through a service, praying and worshipping God. I felt for sure that God would be really angry with me and I would be punished.

I couldn't have been more wrong! I felt straight away that God had shown me the way to this church for a reason. He saw I was in need of guidance and this particular church was the best place for me to receive it. I began to feel at ease and began the Christianity Explored course with Aaron and Lynne. I still struggled with the whole truth that God loves me for who I am, and not for the things I do or have done! Jesus suffered and died so that all our sins are wiped out as soon as we come to faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ! It's as simple as that! Nothing we say or do can make God not love us... it's a difficult thing to get your head round at first.

The more I read the bible and prayed I realised that it's not what I do but what Jesus did for all of us that was the most important thing in coming to faith and becoming a Christian. And so I pledged my faith in Jesus, asked forgiveness for all my sins and became a Christian. Becoming a Christian has changed my whole attitude towards life... don't get me wrong I have not suddenly become a perfect person. I never will be and I'm still cheeky giggly Terri! But I try to live my life as God wants me to, to trust that God will not let me fail and to trust that He knows what is best for me. I still have fun and enjoy myself I am just more aware now that God sees everything I do and although I know he won't punish me I don't want to offend Him. It's not easy and the Devil is always there trying to turn me away from God but I have God right beside me encouraging me and helping me... as well as all my friends and family.

Today I am being baptised to show everyone here how important my faith is to me and how much Jesus did for me. Jesus led an absolutely perfect life yet he was put to death in the most horrific way possible, not because of anything he had done but for our sins... it should have been us on that cross not him. He was buried and as death could not hold him as he was without sin. He was raised again to a new life beside his Father... and today as I am plunged into the water as though in death I will rise from the sea with renewed life.



Our New Créche

Here at North Shields Evangelical Church we are delighted to announce the opening of our créche/Sunday school for children aged 0 -6. Working with material from Go Teach, combined with games and songs, we are expecting to have a great time with the children. All the leaders are CRB checked and you would be made very welcome if you wanted to come along to one of our Sunday morning meetings and leave your children in our care

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